The Future of Market with Fully Fresh Grocer 新鲜蔬果专送

PETALING JAYA. – Malaysia once again extended their Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO). Hence many Malaysian found themselves being forced to stay indoors and to avoid going out and risking getting infected with Covid-19.

Although movement to go out is allowed, but there the risk of getting infected is still there. Moreover, the lines at some groceries are extremely crazy.

Picture taken at NSK Kuchai Lama by Grace Chay
Picture taken at NSK Kuchai Lama
Picture taken at Aeon Big Mid Valley
Picture taken at Aeon Mid Valley

Now back to the story. Imagine being in that queue up to an hour just to buy your groceries. Or in this story, buying your vegetables. ITS TOTALLY NOT WORTH YOUR TIME AND EFFORT. You’re just risking yourself by being outdoors. Imagine your parents in that line. Its totally not worth it.

Now imagine if you can just skip all that nonsense. Stay at home at order those groceries from the comfort of your on home.

With Fully Fresh Grocer , you can finally skip the queue. Just stay home and they will deliver fresh vegetables to you. What they are offering are
– Set Menu
– Ala Carte Menu
– Add on deals

They will occasionally change their menu from time to time to suit customers needs. Hence this are their menu at time or writing.

Purchase With Purchase Promo

Set A (RM36)
Set B (RM38)

Set C (RM42)

Set D (RM48)

Ala Carte Page A

Ala Carte Page B

Add on Set

You can make your orders here

After seeing their ad, I tried to made a purchase from them, I use their ala carte menu to add on from my set menu. Ordered the day before, and was told via whatsapp that they will delivery within 2-3 days.

I was like ok…. no big deal, I can wait… BUT THEY DELIVER TO ME THE NEXT DAY!!!. They message me around 11am asking if I’m home as they want to make a delivery later during the day.

Orders worth RM100 (including delivery)

They pack everything neatly and for easy transport, they put it in a box. Took a quick snap of it on top of my car and bring it up back to my condo.

(Yes, my condo don’t allow anyone to go in hence need pickup at the guardhouse)

This is what I’ve ordered :

Tomato; 400g
Ladyfinger; 400g
Siew pak choy; 400g
Cabbage; 1 pc
Long Brinjal; 2 pc
Enoki; 2 pkt
Jap. Tofu; 3pcs
Potato leaves; 400g
Kangkung; 300g
Sawi; 300g
Spring onion; 300g
Potato; 300g
Big onion; 300g
Red cili padi; 100g
Romaine; 1 pack
Cucumber; 4pcs
Old cucumber; 1pc
Australia Carrot;1 pack
Kai Lan; 400g

Total bill for Set is:
RM100 ( including shipping )

Verdict :

  • Just buy. Although prices are slightly more expensive compared to buying yourself out door / market. Need to keep in mind that all that all you do is following government’s order and staying at home.
  • Prices is ok if compared to going out, lining up, paying parking, etc…

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