Singaporean Girl Accuse Driver For Kidnapping And Playing The “Race Card” Just To Avoid Paying ERL

Recently a viral video that was uploaded on 31st January 2019 shows a Singaporean ride-hailing services “Go-Jek” driver that show’s his passenger accused him of kidnapping her and taking her hostage.

The seven minute video was recorded by the driver itself using his on board camera in which literally describes a “Passenger from Hell”

The driver also uploaded this in his Facebook page :

“After few day of thinking. I guess i better to let it out. Pax accuse me of kidnapping her just bcoz of E.R.P….. i have already make police report & report to gojek. Be care to all phv driver. Bishan to Coleman St @ 7.10am … to avoid ERP? She keep telling that i trying to cheat her. I ask her tell me if she know how to avoid ERP but she cant direct me to where should i go to avoid ERP.”

To summarize the whole video :

A driver wanted to bring his passenger to a police station as she constantly accused him of trying to cheat her of her money

He told her off that he uses that route every morning and there’s no other way to avoid paying ERL

He asked her for the direction that uses no ERL but was not given any but accused him of pretending to not know a ERL free route

The passenger told the driver off that she wont be paying a single cent. And the driver also told her that he don’t want her money and that she can claim the entire trip from Go Jek

The driver also said “You should take bus, cheaper. Not even $5 you can reach there ady”

The driver then say he will make a report to the police and also LTA (Land Transport Authority) and that she can also make a report

After knowing she’s being recorded she hid behind the driver and call someone else and blame him for driving dangerously

The passenger also called what seems to be a family member and the person on the other line told him off that she knows his location from the passenger’s phone position tracking.

That person on the other line is her mother

The driver repeatedly said that he is going to Tao Payoh police station but the passenger’s mother refuse to listen and said that he has no rights to take her daughter hostage.

After stopping beside a police man, and asking for direction to the nearest police station, the women tried to escape.

Due to the car still being lock and she cant escape, she yelled:

“He lock the door!!, HE LOCK THE DOOR! unlock the door now! He taking hostage of me, unlock the door now! ARE YOU CRAZY?”

The driver then said the car was on auto lock and if that if he wanted to take her hostage he won’t do it in front a police.

She then played the race card and said “Is it because I’m Chinese?”

In just an hour after posting, the video received more than 5,000 shares.

The women deactivate her Facebook account after the public found out her identity.

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