Shugatori Dessert Cafe

Address :
95, Jalan SS 21/1a, Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya,

Operating Hours :
Monday : Close
Tuesday & Thursday : 2pm – 11:30pm
Wednesday : 12pm – 11:30pm
Friday : 2pm – 12am
Saturday : 12pm – 12am
Sunday : 12pm – 11:30pm


It was my birthday hence a close friend of mine planned a meet-up to celebrate. A friend of a friend of my said close friend is also celebrating her birthday on the same day. So they planned a joined birthday dessert meetup at this cafe

Shugatori… they planned to meet up here
From the outside it looks like this. Entrance is at the black area. It takes us some time to find the door though.

Can’t really see. But its stated in the timing in description above.
Very true caption…
Too bad we did’t try this… Looks nice though.
If you’re wondering how I look like… well… Im in the reflection. I went back the second day just to take these pics as on the night itself, I forget to take pic of the interior…. ><
Cozy interior
Sat here the night before…. this exact place…
They serve dessert. Should have more though. Was full the night before
Looks good though…
Sit down, choose what you want, and order at counter. Cash only…

OK… so this is what we have ordered :

St Mermaid Toast ( RM27.90 )
Yes… it’s a bread… Cute am right??
Midori Pancake ( RM 22.90 )
Chocoreto Pancake ( RM21.90 )
Shooting Star ( RM16 )
Peach Lemonade ( RM14 )
Cappuccino (RM 11 )

So… this is how much the total bill cost :

Our bill for those meal were:
RM136.60 (4Pax)

Verdict :

From me:
– Very cozy interior and it’s definitely a perfect place to hang out with friends. 6/10 for its ambiance.

– Staffs were also extremely friendly. Their friendliness makes it sort of worth the price you paid for.

– Shooting star drink was really refreshing. 7/10. Went back the day after just to buy that drink despite it being EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE

– Chocoreto Pancake was average. 4/10. Not that nice though. =( . But the ice cream saved it.

– It’s just too expensive for me. Will I come back? Maybe just for the drink. But even that is still very extremely expensive. If they can lower their price by a little bit, then it might just be worth it.

From my friend :
– Ambiance: 6/10, good lighting and decent decoration, but a little point deduction for having dusty wall decos

– Cappuccino: 3/10 nothing special, underwhelming coffee flavour, might be closer to a latte than a cappuccino

– Pancake texture: 1/10, too dense, almost like a solid block of dough, frozen pancakes are probably softer than this

– Pancake flavour: 2/10, nothing outstanding and probably overpowered by all the ice cream and terrible texture of the pancake, at least it wasn’t too sweet

– Red bean paste: barely notice it, when eaten alone it taste quite good but almost non existent when eaten with the matcha ice cream

Matcha ice cream: 4/10, cant go wrong with it but there’s nothing outstanding about it

Price: 3/10, too expensive for food of this quality, especially for the tough pancakes

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