Shi Fu Wantan Mee Restaurant @ Cheras

Address :
18, Jalan Manis 4, Taman Segar,
56100 Kuala Lumpur, W
ilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours :
Monday – Sunday : 9am – 12am

Non – Halal

It was the week of a few public holiday hence we took to opportunity to go food hunting. A friend of mine suggest that we try this place after his colleague introduce him about it.

What’s special of this place is that they have unlimited refill of pork lark!!!

See that table? Refill your pork lark there.
i only took these. Normal & Salted egg.. Yes… salted egg..
Many seats available
When we visited its quite late in the afternoon, hence crowd is much lesser.
Antique decor.
Very antique decor.

Ok… time for the food. Both of us ordered the Special Wantan Mee that contain Prawn Wantan.

Special Wantan Mee Soup with prawn wantan inside (Large)
Special Wantan Mee (Dry) (Large)
Dry wantan mee is given soup with the the prawn wantan inside
Drinks is as standard… nothing special about it.

The boss even talk with us and told us all about his restaurant and how their noodles are made fresh daily with strict hygiene control. He then invite us to see the upstairs of his restaurant. The upper floor of the restaurant is a steamboat restaurant.

No pics will be shown as that will be saved for the next round here. =)

Stairs full of pictures of famous guest.
Very old school type concept. Will show more in time to come.

So… this is how much we paid for the meal.. :

Our bill for those meal were:
RM31.10 (2 Pax)

Verdict :

– Service was acceptable and fast. Can’t tell how fast they will be if it’s a full house, but what we receive is excellent . So I rate it as a : 8/10

– Ambiance is very comforting. Area is also very clean and neat. Will give a : 8/10

Food is excellent. Noodles taste good and portion wise is extremely huge. Regretted order the large. I cant finish it. *I’m a buffet diner, I eat alot”. ~~ Although me being quite sick on that day may make me feel the portion is too large. But anyways. Their large is pretty large. Even my gym freak friend told me that the portion is large. Hence will give a : 9/10

The pork lark was very satisfying. You got plenty of flavours to choose from. My favorite is still the regular pork lark. Due the fact that its free refill, I shall give this a this is 8/10

Drinks we ordered is normal. So can’t really say much. Hence no rating will be given as we didn’t order their specialty. It will be unfair to rate this section

– Price is slightly high but we did order their special wantan mee with prawn wantan and also order the large size. Hence for this will give a 7.5/10

Overall rating is 8/10. Cant wait to try their steambot. And will definitely come back to accomplish my task of finishing the large plate in my next round.

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