Restoran Lan Je (Subang USJ)

Address :
No 9-0 & 11-0, Halan USJ 1/1A,
47620 Subang Jaya,

Operating Hours :
Everyday : 11:30am – 3pm, 5pm -10pm
Tuesday : Close


If you crave for steam fish for 1 person, this is the place for you. They served till date the most affordable steamed tilapia in town.

I’ve tried a few and even the cheapest was at a food court and it cost RM20+ per pax.

Sunday Crowd
Pork Free but not sure halal or not =(
Ok guys.. see that sliding door?? Kindly slide it back once you enter ya… plz..
This was about 8pm.. quite packed.

Ok.. to order you can choose between 3 type of spiciness
– Not Spicy
– Normal Spicy
– Spicy

This is the normal spicy. I love spicy but I go for normal spicy. Next pic i show without those frigging cilantro.. ><

There you go.. normal spicy… see how many cili padi there is?? it should be cili padi la.. simply say only..
Another view of that beautiful fish.. the flesh is so smooth and juicy..
Small white rice… not enough.. need add more. Well for me need add more la..
Restaurant who did this deserve some recognition… I prefer restaurants who do like this..
Poor boy drink Chinese tea only…

Ok.. they do serve many other dishes but we are here only for the steam fish. Go try it out… This is how much we paid for :

Our total bill for that meal was:
RM40.50 (2Pax) (RM20.25 per person)

Verdict :

Fresh fish, taste steam fish broth, not too spicy not, perfectly cooked and waiting time is also very acceptable despite it being steamed fish. Fish size is acceptable.

To me is a little but small but that’s only my opinion as I’m a huge eater. Any larger I’m sure they need to hike the price.

Overall acceptable price as only cost RM17.5 per fish. Seems like they increased the price since we last visit.

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