Address :
 Lot No, 1 G, Jalan Melati Utama 4,
Taman Melati, 53100 Kuala Lumpur  

Operating Hours :
Monday – Sunday : 11am – 12am


Followed my mom and my stepfather to one of their favorite Arab Cuisine restaurant of all time.

They have 3 brances (Ampang , Taman Melati and Setapak), and the one that we prefer to visit is the one in Taman Melati.

It is situated beside Petronas station along MRR2.

They even have outdoor seatings
Very spacious interior
Still quite empty when we visit, but it’s usually pretty packed.
Plenty of staffs..
Senior VIP Room on the right.
Where they prepare your drinks
We came here so many time till I assume to be their manager came and serve us. Not so sure, should be their manager / supervisor

So… this is what we have ordered.

Arabic tea with mint ( RM7 )
A better photo from last visit
Coke ( RM3 ) + Ice water + Watermelon ( RM 6 ) .
Olive salad ( RM13 )
Lamb soup with rice ( RM25 ) each
Definitely recommend getting this. It’s so good
We ordered 2 cuz 1 is never enough
This was from the visit before. They serve in this pot.
We prefer this pot though. As it keeps the soup warm longer. But they told us they were washing it during our visit.
Look at that!!! so amazing!!!
Chicken Mandy 500g ( RM23 )
This should be their extra rice
My portion. Lamb + Chicken Mandy.. Looks small but its actually pretty big
Our table..
Chicken Mandy 1/4 ( RM12 )
Get this if you want an individual meal. I got this during my last visit.

So… this is how much we paid for :

Total bill for this meal is:
RM140 (5Pax)

Verdict :

– Service is definitely one of the best service out there. Staffs were very fast to attend to us. And as you can see in their receipt, there is not even service fees, but you get top notch service.
( 9/10 )

– Ambiance feels pretty grand. Very clean and also spacious. Any more majestic and it be a hotel grade restaurant. But keep in mind, this is not. They even have their own VIP room.. and even their washroom is clean!!
( 9/10 )

– Food wise. Definitely one of the best Nasi Arab I’ve tasted. It’s up there. One of the top. Meat is tender, Mandy Rice is cook perfectly. You can never ask for a better Nasi Arab.
( 9/10 )

– Lamb Soup with Rice is a must get. Their lamb is so tender, a baby can eat it. It slips off the bone type tender. Its well seasoned with spices. Taste out of this world. But during our visit, they didn’t use their metal pot. Rating will be based on the non metal pot as the soup was not hot for long.
( 8/10 )

– Get the Arabic tea with mint. To me, its their best beverage there. No point having what I have ( Coke ), go get their tea. Truly one of a kind taste.
( 8/10 )

– Price wise its a little too expensive. But what you get in return is a pretty large portion. But it’s still a little too expensive for my liking.
( 7/10 )

Overall shall give a :
If you’re craving for some Nasi Arab, do try this place out. They do serve other variety of meals but this is what we like to order.

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