Purple Cane Tea Cuisine @ The Gardens Mall

Address :
Lot LG206, The Gardens, Mid Valley City,
59200 Lingkaran Syed Putra,
Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours :
Monday – Sunday : 10am – 10pm


Went here to celebrate a friend’s belated birthday dinner. So we decided to treat her dinner. This place was chosen by the birthday girl herself hence we all decided to fulfill her decision and dine at this place.

Counter near entrance.
Very unique interior.
More seating near their drink area.
Tonnes of seating.

As the name states, this restaurant specialized in infusing tea into their meals. This restaurant serves mainly Seafood & Chinese cuisine.

This restaurant is pork-free but they do serve alcohol. So dine at your own leisure.

Alright.. enough reading, time for picture viewing. This is what we have ordered.

Full table, full belly. Too bad its just the 3 of us this time. Another friend can’t make it. =(
First off Brown Rice with Lamp Chop Hot Pot( RM 12 for 3 Brown Rice )
A close look of the Lamp Chop Hot Pot( RM 43 )
HM Beancurd – ( RM 26 )
Too bad I cant eat this as Im allergic to mushrooms..
Abalone Mushroom with Dried Chilies – ( RM 23 )
Pumpkin & Cabbage – ( RM 20 )
Oolong Tea for 3 – ( RM 12 )

Overall it’s a pretty unique experience so… this is how much we paid for.. :

Our bill for those meal were:
RM157.75 (3 Pax)

Verdict :

– Service wise, the staff are pretty fast. I’m not sure how long did my friend’s waited before ordering as I reach late, but at every instance that our cups were empty, their team worked pretty fast to refill our cups. Shall give a :

Ambiance is on point. You truly know where your money went into. If you’re into this kind of design, then this is the place for you. For me, it was acceptable but nothing too stunning. Area is also very clean, hence will give it a :

Food is definitely their selling point. It taste amazing. Although I can only eat the Lamp Chop & Beancurd as I don’t fancy Cabbage + I’m allergic to mushrooms. But I did tried all the meals just for this review.. Risking my life for this.. All taste amazing… Although price a little too expensive for that small hot pot of lamb, it is still very tasty. Meal is a solid :

Their Oolong tea I can frankly say that I’m not sure how to judge this. I’m not really a Chinese Tea person. But for sure it taste good. It’s that type of tea taste that you can drink non stop without getting bored of the taste. 2 refills of the pot is never enough. So.. shall give a :

Price is very expensive. But you get you money’s worth. But due to its steep price, it will get a :

– Overall rating will be a ***8/10*** Good place to dine and have a conversation with your friends/family. Definitely not a place to eat your hearts out, but at least you can feel slightly satisfied with your meal. Portion is not enough for me.. =(

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