Puchong Yong Tou Fu – Old Town

Address :
107, Jalan Puchong Batu 14,
Kampung Baru Puchong,
47100 Puchong, Selangor  

Operating Hours :
Monday : Close
Tuesday & Sunday : 4:30pm – 10pm 


When it comes to Puchong Yong Tou Fu, most people will go to those “tourist” hot-spot located next to this restaurant. But what I can say is that, this is where the locals should go.

From the outside look like this.. And from this angle, the famous stall that everyone will usually go to is in the right.
Many seating also. But can fill quite fast.
Towards the inside all full house. We need sit all the way outside when we arrived.
Inside area looks like this…
You can also choose to sit outside for more fresh air.
Here is where we sit. All the way front.
Where to park? Park here only… =)

Ok… so what to get??

Go get the curry mee. Just do it.. TRUST ME!!
Then normal la.. choose what you want
We came abit late, so many finished
Then normal la, give the boss.. tell him where you seat. He will ask you if want add anything wan la.. so don’t worry… normal yong tou fu style.

OK!!! So this is what we ordered :

Curry Mee is a MUST!!!
Big Portion… + the curry soup can be use as extra dipping sauce.
We didn’t expect it to be this large. We thought we took so little.. but it ended up looking like this.
Guess we took a little too much.
if not mistaken we add that meatball… Soup to me taste better than their neighbor.
Normal Chinese Tea
We have no idea how they count this…

So this is how much we paid for:

Total bill for that meal is:
RM50 (2Pax)

Verdict :

– Service as in how fast they serve us drinks and such, they are very fast. They even clear tables very fast. Hence shall give then a :
( 8/10 )

– The ambiance can be a little packed and crowded. As its just the width of the house that they use, there is no choice but to be packed that way. But area is clean, so that’s a plus point.
( 6/10 )

– Curry noodles was amazing. One of the best curry noodles out there. Curry broth is quite thick and packed with flavours. It also comes with many ingredients. This itself can satisfy me.
( 8.5/10 )

– Yong Tou Fu is okay. The meat they used taste good. The way they cook it is also not bad. To me almost all Yong Tou Fu taste pretty close but this place do have fewer choices. Maybe due to us coming quite late (8:30pm), but should not be a reason for so little choices.
( 7/10 )

– The dish they insert in the soup bowl such as toufu, and the meatballs taste amazing. The soup saves this review. Well seasoned.
( 8/10 )

– Price is acceptable. We thought it will be lesser. Maybe around the RM40 range. But we did ordered 2 Curry Noodles and 2 extra drinks. So that may explain the high price tag
( 7/10 )

Overall shall give a :
Food is good and it do taste better than their next door competitor & their curry noodles is a must to try if you were to visit.

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