Meat Junior 肉小子

Address :
No.42 , Ground floor , Jalan SS 2/66, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Operating Hours : 
4pm – 11pm

Dining Time :
120 Mins


Fancy an affordable all you can eat BBQ with an attractive variety of meat to choose from? Well this is the place for you.

Unlike other BBQ joint which only provides a limited choices of meat to choose from, this place served a unlimited refill menu that will make you feel their 2-hour dining time feels too short.

We came here for their promotional menu which is this:

RM38 all day unlimited refill…. Drinks included.

This is what you can refill :

Menu 1
Menu 2

Staffs there are friendly and helpful as well. There was this time that our hotpot grill slipped off the stove due to our mistake, and the staff is the one who helped us put it back.

Interior is pretty small, so if you want to come, please do come early or reserve some seats.

These are what they give as their dining set:

Sliced Cabbage, Pork Meat Ball, Sandwich Tofu, Fish Ball, Cuttlefish Ball, Chicken, Bacon, Squid, Shrimp and Pork Lark.
Smoked Bacon & Pork Belly

These is what we add :

Scallop, Shrimp, Pork Belly, Smoked Bacon, Bacon, Broccoli

Beside that, we also ordered ordered more off the menu. Just go ahead and order anything off the menu. We suggest that you choose item that cooks fast such as pork belly, shrimp and anything that can be boiled as 2 hour is very short.

Also the Marinated Pork is a little hard to fry in this kind of tray as the surface is not flat, try the marinated chicken instead.

Also if you like to eat crispy bacon, it will take long to get crispy so its your choice if you feel its worth sacrificing some precious minutes in your 2 hour dining time.

Round 1
Round 4

So, since the price show RM38+. We thought there will be some additional charges. But… the final price shows :

Our total bill for that meal was: RM76 (2Pax)

Verdict :

Everything seems on point. Variety of dish to choose from, drinks included, pretty fast service. The only thing they can improve on is to not use this type of grill. If they use those flat grill, it will be perfect. This type of grill abit disgusting as the fats will flow into the soup.

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