Address :
Kawasan 18, 41400 Klang, Selangor

Operating Hours :
Monday – Sunday : 11am – 12am


Was at Klang visiting a friend when he recommend this place to eat a nice decent meal. Instead of visiting popular tourist hotspot, we came here instead.

The inside looks like this

So since it’s dinner time, this is what we have ordered.

Teochew style steamed fish
Huge fish tail….
Garlic Pork
Salted Egg Mantis Shrimp
Really huge deshelled mantis shrimp
The dirnks I get was nothing special… just a can of coke..

So… this is how much the total bill cost :

Our bill for those meal were:
RM80.90 (2 Pax)


From me :
-Service was fast. And also due to less crowd on the day we went to, the meal was served to us pretty fast. Also timing between dishes being served does not take that long. Was very surprise by how fast and well the steam fish was cooked and served

– Steam fish was 8/10. Despite the fish tail being super huge, surprisingly it was cook perfectly without it being dry or un-cooked in the middle. Tofu and pickled vegetable makes it even tastier. It also works as a soup. The broth is superb!!

Garlic pork is about a 6/10. Pork slices were very well sliced. Not too big, not too small. Seasoning was also perfect. Also, this is the first time a dish made me eat garlic. I normally will put it aside. Kudos on that. Its so tasty, that I even eat the garlic itself

Salted egg mantis shrimp is also about 7/10. Size is pretty huge. Not those small sized mantis shrimp. It is also cooked perfectly. Crispy on the outside, fresh mantis shrimp on the inside. Right ratio of batter to shrimp.

Ambiance is a so-so. Cant expect much, so its a 5/10. At least it has high ceiling and good ventilation. So there is no hot oily environment.

Price wise I’ll give 8/10. I’m surprise that we ate less than RM100. I was expecting it to cost more by seeing the size of the grouper tail. But it was surprisingly affordable. Surely cant find this price in PJ or Subang

Overall would be 7/10. Good fresh affordable food. Will surely ask my friend to bring me here again.

From my friend :
– Teochew style steamed fish: 7/10, grouper tail was very fresh and perfectly steamed, pickled vegetables and plum’s brightened it without being too salty

-Garlic pork: 6/10 juicy and tender pork with nice chunky pieces of garlic goes very well with rice. Each piece of pork is well coated with dark soy sauce and little bit of sweetness from cane sugar.

-Salted egg mantis shrimp: 6/10, the size of the mantis shrimps are pretty good, some are huge and well cooked. Generous amount of salted egg and not too much batter on the mantis shrimp. Deducted some points for being a little bit too oily

-Ambiance: 4.5/10 not expecting much from it but it’s pretty decent for this type of restaurant. Good air ventilation and quite spacious.

-Price: 8/10, extremely affordable for the amount of food we ordered, especially the large fresh grouper tail which only cost us RM44

-Overall rating: 6.5/10, food are consistently good and affordable, not too commercialized and it’s the type of food locals go for. Definitely one of the best place for dinner for any weekday lunch or dinner if there’s no food at home.

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