Korean BBQ House @ Atria Mall

Address :
G-27, Atria Shopping Gallery,
Jalan SS 22/23, SS 22,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating Hours :
Monday – Sunday : 11am – 10:30 pm

Non – Halal

After finding new BBQ buffet to dine. We find this place located at Atria Mall.

As we dont like those ala-cart type BBQ or those set style BBQ. We only prefer BBQ buffet. Hence we went to this place.

This is their prices. Of course we went for the full pack!

Lunch & Dinner Set Available.
Full pack : Additional Kimchi Steambot + Ramen Sari.
Normal Pack : No kimchi steambot, no ramen, no sliced pork BUT!! got kimchi stew.
Boss at work
Place getting full despite it still being quite early
Dining area
Anyone knows those two??? Hahaha… =)
Self bar for your side dishes
Side dishes… dun take too much. Save your belly for the actual meal
Better view of the table.
I only took this as my side dish

Alright… so how this restaurant works is that they will be giving you these sticks below :

You will be given these sticks
Choices of dishes with your table number…

After choosing your choice of meal, take those sticks ( or all ) and put it at this place below..

Put the refill sticks here. And wait till they serve you your meal.

Dont worry, first round they will give you the full set. Only put your sticks there if you want a refill.

Aright, time for some food pics..

Mixture of all the type of meat available (BBQ Pork Belly + BBQ Chicken + Sliced Pork)
My favorite is the BBQ Pork Belly & Sliced Pork… yumzz..
Sliced pork only for Full Pack ya..
Kimchi Pancake
Steamed Egg. Very filling though… we only had one…
Kimchi Soup ( Kimchi Steambot )..
Inside got many ingredients like sausage, radish, cabbage, etc… very tasty
Heaven…. 1 Packet is enough.. only here for the meat
Dessert. 1 person, 1 cup.
They have Yam, Chocolate, Vanilla

For drinks we ordered one(1) 1.5l mineral water as drinks are sold separately here.

So, this is how much we paid for :

Our bill for those meal were:
RM69.30 (2 Pax)

Verdict :

Service was excellent. Staffs were fast to serve us our refill and also very helpful in explaining to us how those sticks works. For this I give a rating of 9/10.

Ambiance is also comfortable. No greasy smoky area. Maybe this is due to the fact that they cook the meat in their kitchen before serving to us. Area is also clean and staffs are very fast to clear the table for next guest. Rating will be 8/10.

– Main meat dishes. I totally enjoyed the BBQ Pork Belly & Sliced Pork. Although the refill pack is not as sizzling hot as the first round, its still acceptable for me. Meat is cook perfectly with no overcooking. BBQ Chicken is also delicious but only there for the Pork. 8/10 will be my rating

– Main Non-meat dishes. The kimchi pancake and steam egg is a good meal in between meat. Never get bored of the kimchi pancake. Ordered it few times. Steam egg only order once as it’s quite filling. This will be a 7.5/10..

Kimchi Steambot. Works very well with the ramen. Dont have to add additional ingredients as there are plenty of side dishes in the soup. Can only go for 1 round though as quite filling. And we are stacking up on the meats. 8/10 for the tonnes of ingredients inside and also for the excellent taste.

Side dishes. Kind off stands out if compared to other Korean BBQ restaurants. And surprisingly their choices are better and tastier. Like grilled diced potatoes, sausage & what I assumed to be luncheon meat. Also a 8/10.

Desserts & Drinks. Will be better if have unlimited refill of drinks and ice cream. But we cant have the best of all. So for this, 5/10

Price is a 7/10 as it is acceptable for our budget. For more choice this will be around Teddysaur’s top 3 rank of BBQ places so far. Will be top 2 if they have unlimited drinks. =).

Overall rating will be 7.5/10. Good food, nice environment, fast service. Will be coming back to try to eat more the next round.

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