Gogigo Korean BBQ & Steambot Buffet

Address : 
No.1, Jalan Puteri 1/7, Bandar Puteri Puchong, 47100 Puchong, Selangor

Operating Hours : 
Mon : Close
Weekdays : 5:30pm – 11:30pm
Weekends : 4:30pm – 11:30pm

Dining Time :
120 Mins 


Ever wanted to go for some BBQ buffet but on a tight budget and you’re tired with those RM50++ buffet in which they don’t even include drinks. Or worst, it’s not even free flow drinks?

Well this is the place of our choice when it comes to BBQ + Steambot + free drinks + ice cream + variety of meat marinate + on a budget + extremely friendly and fast staffs.

These are the rates. RM29 Nett for adult. No hidden fees. Can see receipt at the end

Operating hours. Would suggest to come at night.

Pay in advance. If we’re not mistaken, its cash terms only ya.

Walk up to the restaurant… or be lazy like us and the lift.

Clean, neat, and most important, not warm and smelly interior. Dont have those smoky, oily feeling inside here. All is good.

Where you collect your food
More seating area. Ice cream and drinks is behind that pillar
Was taken at the end of the meal when some ice cream are finishing..
Only these 3 drinks are refillable. Go for the orange juice.
These drinks need to be paid separately. Still very much affordable compared to other place

Noodles + BUTTER . Use the butter to cook. it makes the food taste better
Veges. taken on 1st trip at night. So expect it too look this way at the night servings
Side dishes. Try all…ALL is good. Like very good.
Steambot dishes. SKIP THESE. Take the CRAB but skip the rest. CRAB arr. not crab sticks
Take all these as well..
SKIP these of you want to.. i took meatballs
These make you full very fast. Not worth being full from these. Take lobster ball.. that’s ok.
Take all these meat for a fast stir fry with the butter and for a fast meal
These are for the chill slow cook till crispy
Fast Cook Fast Meal
Chill cook while eating that earlier meal
We cook it this way. ~not really.. just for photo~
Eat side dish while waiting for soup to boil and meat to cook
Can also cook with onion. We may be doing it wrong, but this is how we do it.
Cook your own way. We like it this way.
This is the broth/soup. Clear and if not mistaken its tomato (non spicy)
Throw these and those noodles or those meatballs/fishballs/veges inside the soup. Crab also put in the soup.
After you’re done, go grab some dessert. Your stomach deserved at least round of these.

Well you already know how much it cost

Our total bill for that meal was:
RM58 (2Pax) (RM29 per person)

Verdict :

Definitely one of the place that we will recommend to go for these main reasons.

-Various type of meat so you wont get bored.
– Unlimited drinks ( even have choice of paid drinks)
– Very efficient staffs. We were choosing new batch of meat when they change our already burnt out grill. We return to see a new grill.
– Affordable
– Soup and grill are separated. We like it this way.

If we were to complaint, it might be that it don’t serve prawns. But that might hike up the price, so not really a complaint

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