Face To Face Noodle House 面对面 (Sunway)

Address :
No 36, Jalan PJS 11/20, Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya,

Operating Hours :
Monday – Saturday : 11:15am – 9:15pm
Sunday : Close

Non halal

Was around the area when we saw this restaurant. Apparently they claimed to be selling Original Sarawak Noodles.

Well…being a full pledge Sarawakian myself, I decided to give it a try to see if it truly can match the authentic Sarawak noodle taste. My professional food critic, self-taught chef, non-Sarawakian, friend also joined this time.

The Home of Original Sarawak Noodles
The entrance. Apparently they are pretty famous. Been on various food videos before.

On the inside, it looks like this… we came at around 8pm which is near to their closing time.

Section close maybe due to it being close to their closing time..
This area still can be open
Write what you want on the paper provided and go counter to order and pay.
*Professional Food Critic Ordering*
Utensils are stored in these kind of container.

OK… Now for the food!!!

Dark Soy & Chill Sauce Sarawak Noodles ( RM8.90)
Sichuan Piqiamt Pan Mee – Dry (RM10.30)
(Friend’s meal)
Pretty nice presentation to me…
We both were tired after a whole day out.. so Ice Coffee ( RM3.70 each)

So this is how much we paid for :

Our bill for those meal were:
RM26.60 (2Pax)

Verdict :

From me :
– Nice environment, nice and bright. Comfortable seats and clean interior.

– Staffs were also extremely friendly.

– Taste wise noodles was good. But I won’t say it comes close to any Sarawakian noodles I’ve tasted before. Definitely not a “kolok mee” type noodles.

– Can’t taste the chili but they do give the sambal for the extra kick. So, it does help give more kick to the dish.

– Portion wise abit small. I finish this meal pretty fast, but for a price or RM8.90, I won’t complaint.

– Drink was ok-ok to me. Pretty pricey for a cup of kopi ais.

Overall 6.5/10 : Nice place, nice food, but drink a little too expensive. Will return to try out other food if Im back in this area.

From My Friend :
– In terms of seasoning, the noodle was well seasoned, with a pretty decent amount of Szechuan peppercorn powder in it but it wasn’t too spicy either. Little bit oily which was expected for this type of noodle.

– The texture of noodle is quite good, doesnt get soggy even when I took my own sweet time to finish it.

– The pork belly with Szechuan pickled vegetable (榨菜) as topping was a little bit disappointing as the picked vegetable wasn’t crispy and did not pack quite a lot of flavour to it. The lack of acidity which the Szechuan pickled vegetable usually have is to help cut thru the richness of the dish but the lack of it in this bowl of noodles make it a bit too greasy.

– There’s a little bit of peanut and shredded seaweed as toppings on the noodles too, but the amount of shredded seaweed is too little, almost insignificant, a little bit more would make it much more complete.

– Noodles : 6.5/10, some room for improvement in terms of flavour and texture

-Toppings: 4.5/10, meat and pickled vegetable was a bit disappointing

-Pricing: 6.5/10, pretty decent pricing for the environment and portion of noodles

-Iced coffee is 3.5/10, I barely taste any coffee, but gave point for not having 70% of ice and tons of sugar and not making it a sugarbomb

Overall 6/10: quite good overall, would definitely return to try other dishes because the texture of the noodles makes me confident that they can do better than this

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