Chun-Ciou Hot Pot Malaysia, KL Outlet 马来西亚春秋战锅, 吉隆坡分店.

 Lot 306, Jalan Klang Lama, Batu 3, 58100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Located along Old Klang Road, many must have seen this building. We have drove pass this restaurant multiple time but was too afraid to try it out as it looks too grand and expensive…

And it is one of the MOST EXPENSIVE HOT POT we’ve ever paid for.

To those who loves BBQ, too bad…. this place don’t offer that luxury. It’s a full on Hot Pot restaurant.

Lets get started….

If you’re wondering all these while..“Where can I park my car??” . Dont worry, there’s enough parking… if you come early!! We suggest that you come early so that you can park in the inner part of the parking lot. And not those near to the main road.

Once you enter you are greeted with this grand lobby style entrance. Pretty fancy for a restaurant.

We came at around 7:30pm and its already quite full. No more seats on the ground floor..


Looks like we have to go to the 1st floor dining area instead… I actually prefer the 1st floor area.. as it is not as hot as the one at the ground floor.

Upstairs is abit more private. More comfortable to dine in. Also very suitable place for a date. =D


So many choices to choose from…. their service is also superb!! Extremely fast service.

Better eat fast and as much as you can as……

Max dining time : 2 hours. Need pay more if stayed longer.

A variety of sauce to choose from…

Various drinks as well… and since I’m a huge coke fan, I’m satisfied that I can have my unlimited refill of coke. =D

There’s also unlimited refill of dessert!!

Our total bill for that night was: RM278.40 (3Pax)


Is it worth it? Not really… unless you’re a big eater.. but you surely pay for the environment.

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