Bread & Fill

Address :
Ground Gateway Sydney, 1 Macquarie Pl,
Sydney NSW 2000,

Operating Hours :
Monday – Friday : 7am – 5pm
Saturday & Sunday : 8am – 5pm


Teddysaur goes international!!!!

A friend of mine was in Australia and he send me this pictures of this place… :

Looks more like a bakery
Can’t see what else they serve, but it’s alright

Apparently he only get something simple and light :

Pulled Pork ( AUD 15 )
Pulled Lamb ( AUD 16 )
Pulled Beef ( AUD 15)

So this is how much they paid for:

Total bill for that meal is:
AUD55.30 (RM160.40)

Verdict :

There will be no verdict this round as this is not something that I’ve personally tasted.

But from what they told me it is :

” It’s ok-ish, good but not that great. Nothing amazing about it. It’s more like a tourist attraction type of dining place ”

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